Canada has been producing aluminium for over a century. Its smelters are exclusively powered by hydroelectricity with 90% of production located in Quebec. Thanks to this energy source and the billions of dollars invested in modernizing its smelters, Canada’s carbon footprint of 2.0 tons of CO2e is amongst the lowest in the world.

World’s 4th

Canada exports most of its production to the U.S. market. Its primary industry is in a free-trade zone with North America and Europe. Once the economics of the global market are back, planned expansion projects could address the North American growing deficit which reached 2.5 million tons in 2015, as well as the European market’s demand.

annual production

3 200 000 mt/y

global production

5 %


35 000 000

energy source for
electrolysis process

100% hydroelectricity

number of smelters


carbon footprint

2 mt CO2e/mt Al

Data 2015 / March 2017

We have one of the lowest carbon footprints in the world.

Canada exports more than 80% of its production to the U.S.

At issue


Increase productivity to stay competitive

Local markets

Ensure greater usage of aluminium in domestic procurement

Carbon footprint

Technological threshold reached, limiting additional GHG reductions

Aluminium in the world