Case Study

Bota Bota,

Luxury Spa Chooses Sustainable Infrastructure

Spa Patrons Use Aluminum Bridges/Gangways to Access All-Natural Environment

When the Émond family, owners of the Bota Bota Spa sur l’eau floating spa in Montréal sought a sustainable solution for entrances into their Spa oasis, they chose the natural and fully recyclable Make-A-Bridge® (MAB) aluminum pedestrian bridge for all seven gangway entrances onto their nautical luxury retreat. Each MAB was custom-designed and built by MAADI Group, Inc., a structural engineering design and build firm located in Boucherville, Québec. The varying length MABs were installed in phases, as the Spa continued to add tranquil areas of rejuvenation to its docked location at the Old Port of Montréal.

According to one of the Bota Bota Spa owners, Genvieve Émond, the floating spa’s avant-garde exterior, including its modern Make-A-Bridge® infrastructure harmonizes well with the relaxing environment inside and all around the boat’s four decks: “We like the Make-A-Bridge® product’s sleek design. Weight control was a major factor for our walkways and access gangways; because Make-A-Bridge® is made of aluminum, it was a most interesting option for us.”

The Bota Bota Spa uses geothermal energy, and sources low-energy consumption equipment throughout its operations. In seeking out environmentally-conscious solutions, Make-A-Bridge® gave the spa sustainable and practical aluminum structures that are 100 percent corrosion-free – especially important for a salt-corrosive marine environment that also has huge variations in seasonal temperatures. The aluminum footbridges are not only strong and durable in their natural mill-finish state, but are maintenance-free and fully reusable and recyclable after decades of daily use.

Make-A-Bridge® gangways and entryways installed at the Spa include: A 13.7-meter-long (45’) main access gangway entrance and loading ramp; Four pedestrian entry walkways that are 3.7 meters long x 1.2 meters wide (12’ x 4’); A 6.1-meter-long (20’) access walkway to the Spa’s garden deck; The recently-installed 7.6-meter-long (25’) outdoor footbridge that provides exclusive Spa access to Bota Bota’s new outdoor hot tub area. The user-friendly footbridges feature non-slip floor decking, custom guardrails and integrated color LED lighting that enhances the Spa’s chic night-time look.

MAADI Group’s innovative, award-winning MAB bridge and gangway design is produced at their new in-house manufacturing facilities in Boucherville, in close proximity to their trusted aluminum industry partners. “We are very pleased to offer full manufacturing capabilities for MAB with our automated production line,” notes Alexandre de la Chevrotière, P.Eng., and President of MAADI Group, “We are a true turnkey operation. We are proud to bring aluminum manufacturing back to Québec with our premier product, and to have the opportunity to showcase Make-A-Bridge® at such a high-profile destination as the Bota Bota Spa sur l’eau.”

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