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Report by l’Institut du Québec

Quebec’s renewable electricity: wealth creation through eco-responsible leveraging

L’Institut du Québec (IDQ) wanted to contribute to the vast collective reflection that is beginning taking place by drawing a portrait of the situation of electrical energy in Quebec by 2045.

The aluminium industry, the largest user of electricity in Quebec, is particularly sensitive to Quebec energy issues. The Aluminium Association of Canada (AAC) approached the IDQ to produce such an analysis and financially supported a large part of the process.

The analysis is based on various sources of public information as well as the reports of three studies commissioned by the AAC, namely Pascal Cormier, energy economist (PCEE), Analysis report on the post-2021 energy context in Quebec; Energyzt, Hydro-Quebec’s Projected Demand and Supply; Aviseo, Comparative analysis of the economic impact of Quebec’s aluminium smelters.