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Sustainable Development Report

Our sustainable development report provides a portrait of the evolution of the performance of our industrial sector in Canada, on environmental, economic and social aspects. The format of this report is a privileged way to share the achievements as well as the challenges faced by our industry.


In Canada, the aluminium industry employs more than 8,500 people with 9 smelters. The 8 smelters in Quebec support a value chain of more than 2,500 suppliers, representing an annual expenditure of $3.6 billion. Aluminium’s physical characteristics make it a material of the future and indispensable for several economic sectors such as transportation, road infrastructure, packaging, and buildings. In Quebec, an increase in aluminium processing activities strongly contributes to the creation of wealth and new export markets.


With its gradually eroded position as leading aluminium producer by China and the Middle East (first and third largest producers respectively) over the last 10 years, Canada now ranks fifth in the world but is still among the best in terms of environmental performance. The Canadian industry has significantly improved its environmental performance over the last few decades, namely through the dedication of senior management, operational excellence, research and development, as well as through major, continuous investments to upgrade plants within a difficult economic climate. These factors also contributed to the Canadian aluminium industry’s world-class reputation.

Aluminium’s future potential is revealed through its daily usage, namely as a solution to the global issue of greenhouse gas reduction.


The aluminium industry strives to ensure an exemplary and inspiring presence in communities where it does business by investing in local and structuring projects not only for the economy, but for the progress and well-being of its employees, their families, and communities. Diversified mechanisms adapted to regional contexts are deployed to maintain good relations and open dialogue with employees and stakeholders. Moreover, the industry gives back to regions where it operates by committing to multiple social and community causes.

Policies, codes of practice, and training are communicated and implemented by all primary aluminium producers in Canada to maintain the integrity of business practices. Health and safety are a major concern in facilities to ensure the physical and mental integrity of everyone working there. AAC members have a common ambitious goal: to eliminate all work-related injuries, incidents, and illnesses.