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For more than a century our production activities in Canada have been part of a circular economy and sustainable development perspective

Sustainable Development Report

Our sustainable development report provides a portrait of the evolution of the performance of our industrial sector in Canada, on environmental, economic and social aspects. The format of this report is a privileged way to share the achievements as well as the challenges faced by our industry.

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UN SD Goals

The orientations and initiatives of the industry scoped within a perspective of sustainable development contribute in meeting the UN objectives.

Sustainable prosperity

Fulfilling its mission of ensuring the deployment of initiatives promoting the establishment of a world-class model towards the sustainable prosperity of the primary aluminium industry, the AAC collaborates with several organizations, including Alliance Switch, Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI), Center for Intersectoral Economic Studies and Research (CERIEC), Clean Energy Canada, Circular Innovation Council, Canadian Institute for Climate Choices and Smart Prosperity.