Aluminium, a unique metal

Lighter than glass and steel, at once useful, aesthetic and relatively inexpensive to produce, aluminium has the added advantage of a practically infinitely recyclable capacity, making it a choice solution in many respects, including that of environment.


AluQuébec co-ordinates working groups that create synergies between national and international customers and users and companies active in Québec’s aluminium industry. Acting as a catalyst for the efforts of the Québec Aluminium Cluster's constituents, the organization brings together OEMs, producers, processors, equipment suppliers and research, development and training centres to work on major concrete projects.

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Use and Processing

A highly malleable metal, aluminium has many uses and can be found in numerous products that take advantage of its incomparable lightness and durability. Furthermore, sturdiness enhances vehicle energy efficiency, while its durability reduces the total cost of ownership of infrastructure projects that incorporate it.