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Planet Aluminium

Planet Aluminium, an initiative from the Aluminium Association of Canada (AAC) to increase understanding of the global aluminium industry and to provide a better portrait of the Canadian reality.

We will take you on a world tour of the main production regions and show you their capacity, energy sources, and business drivers, as well as their challenges and constraints.

You will discover that regions like China and the Gulf region have risen at the forefront of global production over the last decade with huge, state-of-the-art smelters.

Change is the new norm and we will strive to keep this worldview as interesting and up to date as possible.

Aluminium: a window on the challenges for the future

Canada’s stellar performance in terms of the environment, energy, and the economy is the result of our stringent industry standards, and while other players also measure up to exacting standards, the world is far from being a level playing field.

As the world strives for decarbonisation, a growing number of emerging economies are concerned with improving quality of life. As major trading blocs develop, aluminium as an industry and material becomes an indicator of future global challenges.

Taking a look at an evolving world