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Rio Tinto

With its alumina refinery and five aluminium smelters in Canada, Rio Tinto is leading the way in terms of sustainability in the aluminium industry. Rio Tinto was the first company in Canada to be fully certified under the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI).

It also launched START, a new label that allows customers to find out where their products come from and their environmental footprint. Rio Tinto helped create ELYSIS, a joint venture with Alcoa and the support of the governments of Quebec and Canada and the Apple Company, to develop technology that eliminates carbon emissions from the electrolysis process.

In Quebec and British Columbia, Rio Tinto also operates seven hydroelectric power stations, which allows it to produce one of the most sustainable aluminium in the world.


Rio Tinto

Alma smelter

Annual capacity of production: 473,000 tonnes
Products: foundry alloys and remelting ingots


Rio Tinto

Arvida-AP60 smelter

Annual capacity of production: 234,000 tonnes
Products: billets and pigs for recasting


Rio Tinto

Grande Baie smelter

Annual capacity of production: 233,000 tonnes
Products: plates and remelting ingots


Rio Tinto

Laterrière smelter

Annual capacity of production: 257,000 tonnes
Products: plates (rolling ingots)


Rio Tinto

Kitimat smelter

Annual capacity of production: 432,000 tonnes
Products: plates (rolling ingots), foundry ingots, remelting ingots and sows